Now a day we are all in Thailand produce waste about 27 million tons per year and increasing every years. In average, We are produce waste about 1.14 kilograms per day.  In  one month. We will carry about 30kg. 

In the report, we can use benefit from this waste only 21% and  can be proper eliminate 35% with Sanitary Landfill, Composting and Incineration.

All of the elimination will have cost and pollution to the area around them.
Main problem is most of the people they don’t know that unused materials around them may be useful to the other people to make a profit.

"If we can find the unused materials that can make a profit that mean we can sell the unused material as raw materials."

If we can match unused materials to the someone who needed. That's mean we can utilize the materials before it became to garbage.

Matecon Project

Martecon Project is the process to make the value to unused materials by provide tool to organize and matching person who need and who have the materials to make benefit on both side.  That will create utilize the material process to maximize the material usage and also create revenue for people who need and who have materials.

Character Introduction

When we mention about recycle process. At the present we have 3 characters, Who run the business from unused materials as show image below.

  • Manufacturer - Who can make profit from unused materials to be something useful.
  • Transporter - The materials collector who collect the materials and deliver to manufacturer
  • Supplier - Person who own the unused materials and need to sale the materials.
  • Problem

    In most situation, There not have many ways to sale the unused materials.

  • Supplier who have unused materials call collector(Transporter) to collect the materials
  • Collector/Transporter pass the supplier area and found the supplier
  • Supplier who know the manufacturer can call to pickup the material directly.

    • We found that the current process is not sufficient and have a lot of problem as we can classify in image below.


    For the solution, We will create platform by use mobile application with GPS techology to help 3 parties can track the unused materials and communicate between 3 parties with appropriate flow to solve the problem as show in detail below.


    The application will provide tools for everyone in the party for they can communicate to give neccessary information, to buy and sale unused materials. This will utilize the unused materials and make unused matrials supplie chain to 3 party- Factory, Transporter and Supplier.

    This process will create the life cycle for the specific unused materials from the supplier who have materials, manufacturer who need the materials and transporter who can collect the materials. This can be call as Circular Economy.

    This is just begining of the process because of when the manufacturer have unused materials. They will become to be the supplier that can deliver the unused materials to the other maufacturer that will create the unused materials network.


    At the conceptual design. Our team create prototype for see how the application work. If you need to play conceptual prototype please contact to our team that show in the Contact Us section. Click image below to view the prototype.

    We need your support

    If you need more information. We can present with the Full Version Powerpoint that contain information about Dynamic Micro Circular Environment that take time about 15 minutes to overview and target of our mission. We need everyone support for we can achive our target and everone can have gain benefit our project.